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IB Physics!

My name is Vidar. 

I have been teaching Diploma Physics at both levels for a couple of decades.
As a teacher I have felt a lack of time in class to contemplate on why the mark scheme answers to the paper 1 questions are the correct ones.
On this site you may ask for an explanation, and I will try to answer.  

In the last years my students have found it difficult to write their first scientific work, the Internal Assessment. According to IBO intentions students should choose a topic and do the initial work without external interference. I offer to read through a complete first draft and return an evaluation based on the criteria. 


You may send the a draft of your IA to me. Please include your due date
Feed-back on your IA will be based on the following criteria: 
Personal engagement max 2 marks
This criterion assesses the extent to which the student engages with the exploration and makes it their own. Personal engagement may be recognized in different attributes and skills. These could include addressing personal interests or showing evidence of independent thinking, creativity or initiative in the designing, implementation or presentation of the investigation.

Exploration max 6 marks
This criterion assesses the extent to which the student establishes the scientific context for the work, states a clear and focused research question and uses concepts and techniques appropriate to the Diploma Programme level. Where appropriate, this criterion also assesses awareness of safety, environmental and ethical considerations.

Analysis max 6 marks
This criterion assesses the extent to which the student’s report provides evidence that the student has selected, recorded, processed and interpreted the data in ways that are relevant to the research question and can support a conclusion.

Evaluation max 6 marks
This criterion assesses the extent to which the student’s report provides evidence of evaluation of the investigation and the results with regard to the research question and the accepted scientific context.

Communication max 4 marks
This criterion assesses whether the investigation is presented and reported in a way that supports effective communication of the focus, process and outcomes.

Paper 1 Scheme

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Paper 1 

From May 2021 on, the external exam evaluation in Physics will be based on two papers; Paper 1 and Paper 2, counting 30% and 50% respectively. The Internal assessment; IA, will weigh the rest 20% on the final grade in physics on both levels. Physics exam papers up to November 2020 also included a Paper 3, then counting 20% on the final mark. Paper 1 thus has become even more influential and important to master.

Strategies to pick the correct choice fast, are many and includes ways to read the paper when you get it, check if the unit in the answer is correct, put in extreme values where you are asked to choose amongst mathematical expressions, even ways to control your emotions during the test. My concern however is that I have met students who have been more confused after having read the correct answer to a question than before. It seems to me that it hurts to submit to the authorised answer, and some are not willing to let go their wrong answer, while others conclude that one might as well make an arbitrary guess. I think it is possible to foster deeper insight in the actual topic by studying the fine difference between cleverly put distractors and the correct answer and thus build firm insight and expand ones view by understanding the reason why an answer is the correct one and the others are wrong.
As soon I receive a filled in Paper 1 Scheme from you, I will mail you in order to inform you about the payment. You then have you confirm your order by remailing me a picture of the actual exam question

Price list

IA mark

30,00 Euro

  • Written feedback

  • Evaluation

  • Predicted marks and grade

Paper 1 Question

3,00 Euro

  • Correct answer

  • Explanation